Mr. Prime Minister – We are ready to support you on NEP with our Virtual Labs

Balaji Venkataraman - Aug 17, 2020

Under the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, we are embarking on a new era in education in India. NEP 2020 emboldens each one of us to embrace a “transformative” change – not an incremental one.

There is a massive push for tech-based education in NEP 2020. While the policy itself is in nascent stages, it promises to leverage technology to reach the farthest corners of our country with high-quality education. This is the biggest take away for me – “High Quality” and “Reach”. What this essentially implies is that the best teachers in the country can be leveraged to impart the highest quality education to students in the remotest places in the country. Our strong belief is that teachers can never be replaced – however, teachers must be enabled and equipped with the latest and greatest technologies so they can deliver better every day. The goal is to make an exponential impact on education.

In his recent address to the nation, Shri Narendra Modi stressed the need for Virtual labs. He said, “Concept of virtual labs will transform the system”. We at EscaVel Edtech are in a position to respond effectively to this call from our illustrious leader.

At EscaVel, we are developing insightful interactive simulations to make the learning of science a lot more interesting than what it is today. Our vision is to simplify complex concepts in science by providing the capability to run highly interactive & immersive science experiments. We have built several simulations in a virtual environment (using 3D and Augmented/Virtual Reality technologies), that we believe can be very useful for both Teachers and Students in the K-10 segment. Our product is called ScholAR.

We are in the business of bringing Science Experiments to life. We aspire to be the best in the business of developing Virtual Labs.

Visit our site at to view some of our demo videos as well to get a feel for our interactive simulations.